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Build a custom EMR and patient engagement platform using customizable modules and APIs.

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Launch in days. Customize as you go.


Customize modules for scheduling, messaging, e-prescribing. and more.

Customize ready-to-go modules. Use custom fields to extend the functionality of the modules to fit your needs. No coding required.


Inject in custom code where you need more flexibility.

Have a unique way that you want to do scheduling that the drag and drop builder doesn’t support? No problem, just inject in your own JavaScript code. You have access to all the backend variable and functions that you need to make it work.


Use APIs for ultimate flexibility and to integrate with your existing systems.

Our REST APIs allow you to create, read, update, and delete any object in the platform.

Medical Records

Patient's entire medical record in one view

Search, filter, sort through, and add to a patient’s entire medical record, including notes, documents, labs, prescriptions, in one view.

Easily searchable.
Search through patients' forms, appointments, messages, documents, notes, labs, prescriptions, and more from one place.
Customizable templates.
Create templates for visit notes, care plans, and documents to save time and ensure consistency.
Ensure quality control.
Request reviews, add comments, sign and lock, get patient signatures, and more to ensure accuracy and quality.
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AI Scribe

Automatically scribe visit notes using AI

Simply hit "scribe" to record the clinician-patient interaction and auto-generate a visit note draft from it. Review the AI-generated draft before auto-filling it into the patient’s record.

State-of-the-art LLMs.
Leverage state-of-the-art language models to create accurate and comprehensive visit notes.
Pull patient's medical history.
Automatically ingest the patient's medical history to give context beyond what was specifically mentioned in the clinician-patient interaction.
Auto-fill into note.
Review the AI-generated visit note draft before auto-filling it into the patient’s record.
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Flexible scheduling for every type of visit

Handle all types of scheduling — whether virtual or in-person, one-time or recurring, one-or-one or group, paid or unpaid — with ease.

Manage scheduling complexities.
Automatically match patients with the right provider based on location, license types, and availability.
Integrate with Zoom.
Integrate with Zoom to host high-quality, HIPAA-compliant video visits.
Sync with external calendars.
Sync with external calendars (i.e. Google Calendar) to manage availability in one place.
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A fully-featured messaging platform

Send and receive in-app messages, SMS messages, internal notes, and pages from one place.

Multi-modal messaging.
Send text, images, files, and videos in-app.
Two-way SMS.
Increase engagement rates by sending SMS messages straight to patients' phone and enabling them to text back.
Triage threads.
Triage threads based on status, priority levels, and tags.
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Order prescriptions, labs, and imaging

Send electronic orders with a few clicks. Get lab and imaging results and prescription status updates in real-time.

Order prescriptions.
Order prescriptions (including controlled substances). Mail prescriptions directly to a patient’s home or allow patients to pick up at a pharmacy of their choice.
Order labs and get results.
Send lab orders to 1000+ labs across the country and get lab results right back into the platform.
Order imaging and get results.
Send imaging orders to various radiology centers. Get result summaries back.
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Patient Engagement

Engage patients in between visits

Involve patients and caregivers in the care journey through their personalized portals.

Patient portal.
Enable patients to view their medical records, schedule appointments, message their care team, complete forms, and view educational content.
Caregiver portal.
Involve caregivers by enabling them to view medical records and complete tasks on behalf of patients.
Engage patients off-platform via email and SMS notifications. Enable two-way SMS to increase engagement rates.
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Manage revenue cycle management

Manage patient and insurance payments. Get detailed financial reporting to understand your practice’s financial health.

Invoices and superbills.
Send invoices and superbills to patients via email and in-app.
Eligibility checks.
Run eligibility checks to get detailed information about a patient's insurance coverage status, co-pays, deductibles, and more.
Revenue cycle management.
Leverage our various integrations to send claims to clearinghouses or have the entire revenue cycle management process managed for you.
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Get actionable insights from your data

Deep dive on questions like: how many no-shows does a patient have? Which care teams is a provider on?

View analytics on patients, providers, appointments, visit notes, finances, and more.
Filter your data by date, provider, patient, and more to get the exact data you need.
Pull all of your data via APIs and conduct further analyses on it using your platforms of choice.
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Automate common workflows

Automate complex workflows, such as notifying a provider when their patient's PHQ-9 score is above a threshold

Trigger automations.
Trigger automations whenever a new lab result comes in, a prescription is filled, a claim is submitted, and more.
Filter and delay.
Filter and delay actions based on specific criteria.
Take actions.
Automatically send emails and texts, create and update tasks, and more.
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Extend the platform to meet your exact needs

Platform doesn't meet 100% your needs out of the box? No problem — extend it!

Custom fields.
Use custom fields to track the information that you want. No coding required.
Custom code.
Have a unique way that you want to do scheduling that the no-code platform doesn’t support? No problem, just inject in your own JavaScript code.
Use our APIs for ultimate flexibility and to integrate with your own systems. Our REST APIs allow you to create, update, or delete any object in the platform.
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